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Expository essays are much like any other type of paper assignment a student will be required to write throughout their academic career. They follow the same structure as other types of college papers like argumentative essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays, or descriptive essays. They must all have a thesis statement, an introduction, paragraphs for each point of argument, and a conclusion summarizing the paper. Writing an expository essay will differ in that it will examine or describe a process, analyze a concept, or detail instructions of a method or procedure. Writing an Expository Essay For many students writing an expository essay can be a difficult and time consuming task. Creating this type of college paper assignment will require a true understanding of how to Times Highter Education Wolrld University Rankings explain or describe a topic in a logical manner by presenting a fair analysis or process based on facts. It will follow the same structure as a persuasive essay, descriptive essay, or an argumentative essay. You will need to write a five paragraph expository essay to fully develop your process along with the supporting details or examples. Often when a student is required to write a college paper like a five paragraph expository essay the intent of this assignment will be to measure a student’s writing skills and their true understanding of the topic they are writing about. п»ї

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